• In need of urgent medical assistance during weekends, bank holidays and long weekends? Always dial 1733 for the doctor on call.


In need of the doctor on call? First dial 1733 !! 

MOBILITY: Out-of-hours medical center is always accessible

  • Blijde Inkomststraat -> Maria Theresiastraat 63A = Parking MCH -> continue on foot to Justus Lipsiusstraat 36 = Wachtpost Oost-Brabant. For more traffic information please consult the website of Politie Leuven * or dial 016/21.06.11
  • Please note that within our region  regular and long-term road works are carried out, events are organized and this with possible traffic measures and longer waiting times as a result.

    Current roadworks and traffic measures: https://www.politie.be/5388/nieuws/heraanleg-voetpaden-blijde-inkomststraat


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