• In need of urgent medical assistance during weekends, bank holidays and long weekends? DIAL 1733 (local rate)

About us

This Project was founded in 2010 by the board of KHOBRA and emphasizes to organize one out-of-hours medical center in the region of KHOBRA. This center will serve the residents of Boortmeerbeek, Haacht, Herent, Holsbeek, Kortenberg, Leuven, Lubbeek and Rotselaar.

De huisartsenwachtpost Oost-Brabant

Main purpose of the general practitioners out-of-hours medical center is to help you with urgent medical problems in moments that your personal gp is unavailable. Always dial 1733.

A team of doctors is available at the out-of-hours medical center. The gp’s can come to your home, but this will only be possible in case of a medical urgency or when the patient has difficulties to come to the out-of-hours medical center. Your personal gp will receive a report of the consult you made at the out-of-hours medical center.


KHOBRA is a non profit organization. The abbreviation stands for: Kring (Society) Huisartsen (GP’s) region Oost-Brabant. It is an officially recognised society of GP’s which was founded in December 2003. More information can be found on the site of “khobra vzw”.

The organisation has a board of directors, an executive board, a group for acute care, a group cronic care and a group communications. One of the tasks of this society is to organise the out-of-hours medical center in an efficient way. The out-of-hours medical center is part of the activity of the Society for Acute care. This group also ensures agreements are made with our partners: police, residential care centers, municipalities, provincial medical committee, neighboring medical centers, emergency services, ....

The secretariat of the GP’s Society can be contacted via info@khobra.be


The receptionists welcome the patients at the out-of-hours medical center and co-ordinate the home visits. They take care of all the practicalities regarding the medical cabinets and support the coordinator and the doctors in their administrative tasks.


The drivers make sure that the gp’s arrive safely at the planned home visit. This way the doctor can focus fully on his task and doesn’t need to worry about finding his way and organising the consecutive home visits. For this we collaborate with medics @ home vzw.


If you still have questions or need help in finding the appropriate person to talk to, you can always contact us via info@khobra.be

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