• In need of urgent medical assistance during weekends, bank holidays and long weekends? DIAL 1733 (local rate)

Doctor on call

Every doctor operating in the region of Oost-Brabant needs to join the out-of-hours medical center.


During week-ends, long weekends and official holidays

Dial 1733 for the GP on call. 

You will be directed to an operator who will ask you some questions to correctly estimate the severity of your situation and your degree of mobility. The operator will refer you to the caregiver who, at that time, is best placed to help you.

  • the operator may invite you to go to the out-of-hours medical center;
  • the operator can send a doctor on call to your home;
  • the operator can suggest that you wait for the consultation of your personal GP;
  • if the situation seems serious, the operator may ask you to go to the emergency service or send an ambulance to your home.

During the week

The region Oost-Brabant has been divided in 7 areas. During the day please consult your GP. No personal GP yet? Find one at www.khobra.be 

As of 7 PM dial 1733 for the GP on call. 

  • You will be asked to give your postal code
  • You will be redirected to the doctor on call.
  • Keep something to write at hand to note the addres of the doctor's cabinet.
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